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About Us

Our Mission for Humanity

This Project is our mission for Humanity, to heal the fractured consciousness, to share awareness, & to create a space for healing and childlike innocence for all. 

Our mission is to be in service to all of Humanity with compassion, support, and unconditional love.

This project was a collaboration by The New Earth Transitionary Government; a group of beings who are wishing to enact change upon the planet through educating, sharing, & healing.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring Humanity together through sharing experiences, being vulnerable, holding space for healing, & using our experiences to fulfill our soul contracts and become healers for others. By returning all to innocence and childlike wonder, we regain our pure connection to Source and become beacons of Light for all. 

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Our Approach

Our approach to healing is taking full accountability for all experiences and looking at all things from the higher perspective. This shifts us from victim mentality to victor mentality. When we can embody pure forgiveness, compassion & unconditional love, we not only heal ourselves but all ancestral wounding, pain and suffering. 

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Our Goal

Our goal to assist as many beings on the Planet in transforming their trauma, wounding, pain and suffering. This ends the pain and suffering paradigm and helps bring the entire planet into wholeness of being. Each of us holds a God Self that is waiting to emerge as we heal ourselves & create the space of healing for others. 

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Healing the Inner Child

Victim to Victor 

Inner Child Healing Tools & Techniques