Image by Avinash Kumar

Full Disclosure

All Darkness coming to Light

In order to understand how we arrived at where we are today, we must understand the true history of Planet Earth. 99% of the planet has no idea of the true history or origins of our planet as our HIStory has been re-written and manipulated by false agendas. The origin of Earth goes back millions and millions of years, but we we will begin 27,000 years ago during the Age of Atlantis & Lemuria.


Planet Earth was originally created as the Garden of Eden. It was a 5th dimensional planet where souls could experience physicality and create wonders. This is referenced in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. There were two main civilizations on Earth, and each existed on a different dimensional planet.


Whether or not you believe that the Earth is Flat, or Round, etc., the truth is that there are many multi-dimensional planes existing at once that make up this Planet. For example, we have Inner Earth which lies at the core of the Planet and they exist in a higher dimensional realm than the surface population. During Atlantis & Lemuria, Atlantis was living in the 3D/4D realm, while Lemuria was on the 5D plane.


Atlanteans had not yet raised their consciousness enough to be vibrating at 5D, which begins at the vibrational frequency of 500, unconditional love. They were moving through their evolutionary process but existed in the lower vibrations of 300-400. Lumeria was a 5D society and they functioned on the 5D plane. They lived in Light Cities & had 5D crystal technology, while the Atlanteans were still using lower modalities such as black magic and sorcery.


At some point, the Lumerian technology was stolen/given away to the Atlanteans and they attempted to use this technology for lower means. All 5D technology can only be used and accessed through the heart, which means you must be a matching vibration. Due to this misuse of the technology, a massive explosion was created similar to a nuclear bomb. Both Atlantis & Lemuria were sunk to the bottom of the Ocean and by a great flood, also referenced in the Bible.


Many escaped to Inner Earth, some were able to escape the Planet, and many perished in the explosion. There was a small amount of beings left on the surface of the Planet, however the Planet was knocked down to the lower 3rd dimension due to the explosion. A black hole was created and this put us into what is known as the Dark Ages (the Age of Pisces).


After this atrocity, the surface population was knocked down in consciousness, similar to a being going into a coma and then coming out. They had no recollection and their memory had been wiped, as the 3rd dimension is such a low vibration it cannot access Source memory or higher vibrations. The Annunaki, which was a lower vibrational species, sought to take over Planet Earth. They saw the Earth was in a vulnerable position and took advantage. There are many accounts of the Annunaki in the Bible and also on ancient tablets, depicted as flying in from the sky.


The Annunaki convinced the surface level population that they were the gods, and the humans, forgetting their true origin, complied with this. This led to many ancient religions of worshipping dieties and false gods. The Annunaki sought Earth because of its vast amount of resources, particularly Gold which was very essential to the Annunaki’s survival. We do not know the full story but many accounts state the Annunaki sought eternal life and were using gold for this purpose.


If we look at the movie Jupiter Ascending, the dark races were harvesting humans to create an elixir of life to keep themselves eternal. This was a soft disclosure of what has gone on on Earth. This has been a harvesting planet for the lower species for thousands of years. Humans with souls, those who are not hybrids or clones, are all fractals of Source. Therefore, we naturally have the ability to be eternal once we reach a certain level of vibration. We hold Creator power because we were created by Source. These lower entities were NOT created by Source, and therefore they sought to control us and harvest our light for their own agendas. This is an important fact that eventually leads us to where we are today.


The Annunaki began experimenting on humans by altering our DNA. The goal was to create as much dysfunction within the Human DNA, so that our God DNA would never activate, and we would never remember who we truly are. Because if humans were to awaken, to remember their true origins, their reign would be over as we are far more powerful than the Dark.


Mother and Father God had created the Dream Machine. Each being had a portal at the base of their brain into the Dream Machine. Its intended use was to allow humanity to have a direct portal to the Divine Inspiration from Source, to be able to bring dreams of love into reality. The Dream Machine is the God Spark, the emanation of the Original Blueprint and the lower forms on the Planet misused it, placing thoughts of illusion and fantasy into it that in turn effected the consciousness of humanity, creating a dream.


The Annunaki hijacked the Dream Machine and implanted the first fearful thought into the collective consciousness of humanity- that we were separate from Source. This fearful thought began morphing into what eventually would be the EGO programmed mind. Edging God Out. What the program did to Humanity, is it disconnected the fuses from the right brain and left brain, causing distortion, imbalance, and illusion. This was done so that the controllers could control Humanity. Through the disconnection that occurred, Humanity forgot who they were, so it was then easy for the controllers to fill them with all the illusory belief systems and rules, to be manipulated. They trained humanity to serve the darkness, to become their servants in the darkness.


The Annunaki later gave way to the Illuminati who were 4D astral beings. They were the reptilians who could manipulate humanity energetically behind the scenes, and could also possess vessels. These possessed vessels, hybrids, or humans who had sold their soul to darkness, became known as the Cabal. The Cabal are the minions incarnated into physicality who were the slaves to the Illuminati and the Annunaki.


In 1994, the Annunaki and Illuminati surrendered to the Light,as they were aware that the destiny of Earth and its ascension would be their demise. They were recycled and re-integrated into the Galactic Federation of Light. The Cabal, however, refused to surrender.

The Cabal were the slave race to the Dark, and therefore they refused to give up the little power they still held on Earth. These are soulless beings who only know darkness. Once their overlords were gone, they had free reign here on Earth as this was the free will experiment.


Since 1994, the Cabal have been on a rogue mission for total domination of the planet and complete enslavement of Humanity. They sought to control through increased fear, control, and manipulation. They sought to create an AI society, with hybrid humans who are part robot. Artificial intelligence is a mimic of Divine Intelligence and therefore the Cabal could continue to manipulate Humanity into creating their own hell on Earth.


Now we arrive at where we are today. The Cabal minions are on the their last leg. Their dark operations are being exposed, and their control of the global financial system has been cut off. This why so much disclosure is now able to come out, as this is the snowball leading to the full disclosure. The truth of what they have done to Humanity, and specifically children, will shock the world. All Darkness will come to Light.


Children have been targeted because they hold the most Light. They have less programming and EGO therefore they have the most connection to Source, especially under the age of 7. This is why human trafficking, child sacrificing, and Satanistic practices seek to harness the light of the child’s soul, which they inject through the from of Adrenochrome in order to keep themselves alive and “eternal.”


All of this research and information is widely available, although we are now in a battle of consciousness due to censorship and propaganda. Thousands of whistleblowers and real life beings have shared their stories with trafficking, torture, Satanic practices, rituals, MK ultra pogromming, and more, and these stories go UNREPORTED by the media. Why? Because this is the house of cards. Their reign of terror on this planet must end and they are terrified of this prospect.


We invite you to feel into the truth of this disclosure. Absorb the information without judgement, denial, analyzation or doubt. Feel with your heart, and understand that all has been hidden from us for a reason. Now that it is coming to Light, it means we are moving into the New Paradigm where truth is all there is. This is the Golden Age of Aquarius.


Now that we have reached this disclosure, the question is, what can we do? There are many brave souls around the world who have undertaken the operation to Save the Children and are well underway in their goal; to eradicate the Cabal and the Dark Operations. We, as leaders of the Collective can assist in this goal by healing the consciousness and sharing awareness. That is our greatest gift to give to Humanity.


We must first begin by healing our own inner child. The atrocities that have been put onto the children and people of this Planet are a reflection of our fractured consciousness. As we are part of the Creator, our consciousness creates reality. Our own inner children have been silenced, beaten down, and stripped of our natural innocence and wonder though the EGO mind, DNA manipulation, and societal programming.


By healing our own inner child, we heal the whole. By returning ourselves to our God given innocence, we create a space of safety for children all over the Planet. By bringing awareness of our own experiences and healing journeys, we inspire others to do the same. We must heal our COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, eradicate the EGO mind, and activate our God DNA. This ensures that the vibration of the collective returns to a 5D frequency, where the Dark cannot exist.


Thank you for being a part of the Change, Healing & Transformation of Mother Earth. We must remember that our Mother has been damaged, raped, & pillaged throughout this process as our Planet is crying out for ALL of of her children. All of Humanity are Mother Earth’s children. As we once again become ONE, we create the change we wish to see in the world.