Finding My Inner Child Again

By: Roxie H.

925 11/1/2021

Finding my inner child again, has proved to be one of the most difficult tasks, on my journey back home into the universal heart.

Every block I encounter, as I dig through the layers, I find the core would is always the same, it’s an inner child wound, that needs no label, as it can be felt in many un pleasant ways, but always brings me to the same awareness, of how mom must have felt, my children, her children, our children, all the pain I had ignored, they were continually processing for me, how divine is that. Though I I did not see it that way, I still struggle to see it that way, without blaming myself. So through the years, it was always easier for me to ignore her, then look at the damage, I had created, through Ignorance (go figure).

But I am learning, that by blaming myself, or ignoring the pain, I only prolong the pain, and victimization and by neglecting that inner child, who still yearns to be forgiven.

I didn’t feel EYE had the power to change the circumstances, nor did eye even see eye held the capability.

Since finding mom, eye see, we are all capable of change, no matter how dis-abled we were led to beLIEve we were.

Because the underlying ability does not lay in any physical aspect until we BELIEVE we CAN change and thus give it expression, love, recognition and life.

The truest form of life in any expression is our child like wonder 🌟

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