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Services & Events

Connection. Co-Creation. Collaboration.

Our resource center provides one-on-one sessions for those who are seeking custom and direct assistance in their healing journey. Our Workshops are geared for small group gatherings to share your stories, connect with others for support, & working through traumas and wounding patterns. Finally, our seminars will be hosted by Speakers who have different areas of personal experience or wisdom to share and bring awareness.

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In our one-on-one sessions, we focus on holding space for you to share your story, to be vulnerable in what your current traumas are & what your healing requirements are. Each sessions will focus on working through all past experiences, getting clarity on the higher purpose of those experiences, & transforming and letting go of the pain & wounding in order to return to wholeness.

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Our workshops are group based Zoom workshops that bring beings together who seeks to share their story and connect with others. Each workshop will feature different hosts to facilitate differing topics of conversation around trauma, healing, connection, energy, soul contracts, & healing the inner child. All workshops will be RSVP.

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Our seminars are recorded meetings with key speakers who have experience working in different areas or fields such as trauma work, media/research, children/education, therapy, energy healing, etc., to collaborate, discuss and bring awareness to different parts of this arena. These seminars will be shared on our website and can also be joined live by RSVPing.

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